Former NFL Player

I started working with Jennifer when I wanted to speak more clearly and with clarity. I loved that Jennifer had a background in Speech Pathology. I enjoyed working with Jennifer and she helped me a lot with growing more & more with confidence with every session. She is very knowledgeable & I always looked forward to our sessions. The passion and energy Jennifer brings to every session is very enjoyable and motivating. Jennifer makes you feel comfortable & very patient, which I enjoyed the most. I feel a lot more confident when speaking off the cuff since working with Jennifer!

Tiffany S.

Jen Murphy | Speech Writer & Coach / Stage Craft Magician – Jen was brought in mid-January specifically to work with an executive and get his messaging stage-ready. Jen rolled with a variety of challenges and always with a smile. Jen is great in a virtual world, but man does she shine when she can be face-to-face with clients. It’s like watching a master class to see her work. I’d bet money every single one of our clients who stand up on a stage and present could benefit from some Jen time…and the important thing is to bring her in early and often to work with the execs. I think she has the ability to win over even our toughest clients. Her commitment paid off tremendously for our presenters.

Michael F.

Police Captain

My entire life, I have been told that I speak too fast and unclearly, not only when public speaking and interviewing, but even during everyday conversations. A few months ago, I decided to do something about it and began online training conducted by speech-language specialist, Jennifer Murphy. I immediately found Jen to be very personable and experienced in the areas of teaching and speech pathology.



I was born in NYC and when I was 10 years old my parents decided to move to Israel. When I got back to the USA, I noticed that I had an accent that neither me nor my friends could identify where it derived from. Today, after 4 months of having weekly speech sessions, I sound more confident, happy, and fluent! Jennifer has absolutely changed my life and my accent. She’s amazing, her skills and professionalism is everything you need in order to sound Americanized. Even though my case was mild, she fit 8 years’ worth of work in the 4 month course. Don’t waste your valuable time, contact Jennifer.