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This resource-packed, functional, and inspirational professional guidebook provides SLPs and related professionals, such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists, with a go-to manual for their ambitions of entrepreneurship.


Tiffany S.

Jen was brought in to work with an executive and get his messaging stage-ready. Jen rolled with a variety of challenges and always with a smile. Jen is great in a virtual world, but man does she shine when she can be face-to-face with clients. It’s like watching a master

Former NFL Player

I started working with Jennifer when I wanted to speak more clearly and with clarity.  I loved that Jennifer had a background in Speech Pathology.  I enjoyed working with Jennifer and she helped me a lot with growing more & more with confidence with every session.  She is very knowledgeable

Alison – Agronomist

Jen, your calming presence, your knowledge, and your feedback built me up and made me want to do even better. Really breaking down my presentation and discussing it in detail before my conference made me truly prepared to rock the event.

Dorian – NYC

After 4 months of having weekly speech sessions, I sound more confident, happy, and fluent! Jennifer has absolutely changed my life. She’s amazing, her skills and professionalism is everything you need in order to sound Americanized. Even though my case was mild, she fit 8 years’ worth of work in

Oscar – Product Manager

Jen provided 360 degree coaching – from public speaking tips to pronunciation. Her motivation brought me into the comfort zone. Excellent!

Mitch – Sales Specialist

Many times, I’ve been told to practice speeches ahead of time. Often, I would simply review the material beforehand. Having a speech coach provided benchmarks. This required improvements, which forced me to practice. Following the event, I realized how impactful the feedback and intentional practicing was. Thank you!

Michael F. – Police Captain

My entire life, I have been told that I speak too fast and unclearly, not only when public speaking and interviewing, but even during everyday conversations. A few months ago, I decided to do something about it and began online training conducted by speech-language specialist, Jennifer Murphy. I immediately found

Mike – Father of the Bride

Jen helped me deliver a great wedding speech for my daughter! I drafted the speech the day after my daughter got engaged, but with Jen’s assistance I was able to deliver my thoughts much better. Her personal consultation in speech preparation and delivery, combined with her positive energy, were most

Jason – Product Manager

Jen brought experience, communication, organization, knowledge, references, and personality. I really felt like she was pulling for me to succeed and provided me with the right guidance and tools.

Urology Surgeon

Jennifer is attentive and understands the mechanics of using vocal delivery to project confidence while speaking to an audience. She evaluated and diagnosed my speech patterns, and was able to effectively communicate the proper techniques to implement for better public speaking outcomes.  Jennifer provides individual coaching sessions that are uniquely

Melissa from Pennsylvania

Jen gave direct and honest feedback with not only my speaking style, but also the flow of my presentation. Jen was able to make me feel more comfortable with my material and speaking in front of a crowd.